Northeast Arc Users Group

Spring Spatial Technologies Conference

Surveying the landscape of spatial technologies from ArcGIS to the Web

NEARC Requirements and Information

Presentation Requirements

Northeast Arc Users Group (NEARC) conference presentations, workshops, and posters are an opportunity to share experience, expertise, and knowledge with colleagues and offer solutions for successful use of GIS.

All attendees, including private sector attendees and vendors, are invited and welcome to provide presentations or workshops that describe a project, process, experience, expertise, management, or best practices related to GIS, as determined by either the NEARC Board of Directors and/or the Host Committee.

Marketing presentations may be given by reserving a vendor booth.

Submission Procedures

  1. The requesting presenter shall submit a presentation abstract to the NEARC Conference Host Committee.
  2. The Host Committee and/or The NEARC Board of Directors shall notify the presenter as to whether or not their abstract has been accepted. If the abstract is not accepted the Host Committee or NEARC Board of Directors representative shall notify the presenter as to the reason why.
  3. The presenter may alter their abstract to accommodate the feedback and resubmit.
  4. Abstracts will be part of the conference program and are also posted on the conference website as links in the session grid. They may be edited for spelling and grammar, consistency of style, clarity, and if necessary to bring the abstract under the word limit.
  5. The presenter must agree to:
    1. Comply with all NEARC procedures and hotel or conference center rules and regulations during the conference;
    2. Acknowledge their presentations do not represent or imply any commitment, sponsorship, or binding agreement by NEARC or any of the conference attendees; and,
    3. Agree to standard NEARC guidelines and timelines.
  6. All presenters are required to register and pay to attend the conference or their talk may be cancelled.

Presentation and Workshop Information

As a presenter at the NEArc Spring Conference, please review the guidelines below in preparation for your participation:


A full schedule of presentations will be made available ahead of time. Please refer to the Session Grid to confirm the date and time of your session.

You will also be contacted in advance by the moderator of your session.


Each speaker has 30 minutes, which includes time for Q & A, unless it is a 1-hour panel discussion or a full 1.5‐hour workshop.


Each room will be equipped with a screen and projector.

Speakers in a given session and their moderator will coordinate use of a single laptop before the beginning of the session, as there isn’t time between talks to change out laptops or load presentations. Please arrive early! And bring your presentation on a data stick so that it can be loaded on the laptop.


We will make every attempt to provide Wi-Fi in every room, but it may not be of sufficient strength or speed to support live demonstrations, so prepare screenshots accordingly. Please refrain from streaming videos or other high‐bandwidth activities; store them with your presentation if possible.


A brief bio is required and should be sent to the session moderator so you can be introduced before your presentation.

Poster Information

Posters are generally one of two types:

An illustrative presentation of research and/or analysis; includes an abstract, introduction, methodology, results, etc. along with maps and graphics.
Cartographic Design
A single map product presenting spatial data in a meaningful way; may include textual material and graphics; however, the map is the main focus.


At least one of the poster authors should plan to be present at the conference, to answer questions about their work.

Posters must be set up by 10 AM, though from 8 AM will maximize exposure.


Poster boards will be made available for you to use. The maximum poster size is 42" x 60". Placement will be determined by the Host Committee representative.

The presenter is required to coordinate with the NEARC Conference Host Committee for any “digital poster” presentations to ensure that computer/monitor equipment is available, otherwise the presenter will be required to provide their own.

Thank you again for agreeing to participate and share your time and expertise!

Please contact Andy Anderson for more information.